Worm Planetary Gearbox in UAE

Established in the year 2007 GPRO Drives is the prominent manufacturer, supplier and the exporter of the Worm Planetary Gearboxes. All our Gearboxes are ISO 9001:2008 certified and all our designs are based on DIN & AGMA. Our planetary Gearboxes are of very utility in the industries like Steel Plants, Sugar Plants, Chemical &Pharma, Construction, Cement Plants, Machine Tool and Power Plant.


Our worm Planetary Gearboxes are highly demanded by our customers from places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain from UAE and all the major states of India. To meet the growing demands of our Gearboxes from various parts of the world all-around we have a 4000 Sq. Feet land under construction which will be working very soon.


Salient features:

  • Highly reliable
  • Light weighed
  • Precise functionality


We manufacture Worm Planetary Gearboxes in the power range of 0.12kW – 110kW / 0.16Hp – 150Hp and having the torque capacity of 10Nm-10,00,000Nm/ 1Kgm – 100,000Kgm with the 97% efficiency per stage. Flange, Foot and Shaft mounting are available. We manufacture Planetary Gearboxes in various ratios i.e. 3.55:1 to 100,000:1 having Input of Male Free Shaft, Hollow Shaft (to suite 63FS-250FS). We manufacture wide range of worm planetary Gearboxes which include various types movers like Electric Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Pneumatic Motor and IC Engine.


The basic characteristics of our worm planetary Gearboxes are:

  • They have various sorts of mountings such as the foot type, the flange type, with free hollow input.
  • They work on the power range from fractional HP to 100 HP.
  • Best material for manufacturing is used for robust construction and to make them highly durable.
  • They possess a low maintenance cost
  • Our worm planetary gearboxes are manufactured for precise functionality, highly efficient and to serve optimum performance.