Worm Gearbox in UAE

GPRO drives is a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of worm Gearboxes. Established in the year 2007, we now have tens of thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world including countries like India, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Gulf countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.


Our Worm Gearboxes are Quality assured by the ISO standards and have DIN and AGMA based designs. The industries like Iron & Steel Plants, Sugar Plants, Chemical & Pharmacy, Construction, Cement Plants, Machine Tool, Coal Industries and Power Plant highly demand our Worm Gearboxes. GPRO drives Worm Gearboxes are fabricated using dimensionally accurate, case hardened sun and planet gears, placed between large, anti-frictional bearings.


Salient features of our Worm Gearboxes:

  • Highly reliable
  • Light weighed as well as durable
  • Precise functionality
  • Power saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Noise less working


We are a customer oriented company and we also customize Worm Gearboxes as per the specific demands of our customers. Some specifications and features of GPRO drive Worm Gearboxes are:

  • The reduction worm gearboxes can tackle various troubles such as leakage, heating, worm damage, shaft bending, etc.
  • Available in the power range of 0.12kW – 110kW / 0.16Hp – 150Hp
  • Wide ratio range; 3.55:1 -100,000:1
  • Flange, Foot and Shaft Mounting Available
  • Prime Mover: Electric Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Pneumatic Motor & IC Engine
  • Adhered with flexible motor mounted in a convenient position

Easy installation and adjustments of Gearboxes