Shaft Mounted Drive in UAE

Shaft Mounted Drives essentially comprises of two stages: the helical reduction stage at output and the input reduction stage with standard planetary. It is because of the rolling contact of the planet gears with the ring gear that provides the appropriate reduction ratio. Since 2007, GRPO Drives has been the leading provider of Shaft Mounted Drives.


The Shaft Mounted Drives manufactured at GRPO Drives find their excessive applications in various industries for the purposes like:

  • Mining and aggregate
  • Baggage handling
  • Ready mix plants
  • Construction cranes
  • Conveyors
  • Loading and cargo handling cranes


Since 2007, GPRO drives have been providing its customers with the high quality ISO standardized and with DIN &AGMA based designs. GRPO Drives is now a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Shaft Mounted Drives. Our Shaft Mounted Drives are demanded from various parts of the world like Gulf countries, South America and Europe with UAE being consistent and one of the highest demander.


The salient features and specifications of GRPO Drives Shaft Mounted Drives are:

  • They have a torque capacity up to 370000 Nm
  • They have a reduction ratio of 7:5:1 onwards
  • They are quite robustly constructed
  • They offer a longer service life
  • They can be directly mounted on shaft
  • They have a high performance record
  • Also customized as per the customers demand