Worm Planetary Gearbox

Product Deatils

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Our company,  GPRO drive has emerged out as a leading name in the business today. The products we offer tend to please our clients incredibly. And with our worm planetary gearbox, we continue pleasing our clients. These categories of the planetary gearbox are fabricated using dimensionally accurate, case hardened sun and planet gears, placed between large, anti-frictional bearings. We offer the customers a wide and explicit range of worm gearboxes available in various ratios, mountings with different input and output configurations and  just to suit the requirements of the clients.

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Salient Features

Features of these Worm Planetary Gearbox

Let us have a look at some of the product specifications and features of these  Worm Planetary Gearbox:

They show an optimum performance
They are light weighed & highly reliable
They have a long lasting functional life
They support torque of range: 4kgm to 10000kgm
They have a ratio of 3:1 to 15000:1 & robustly constructed
The input power they require varies from fractional HP to 100 HP
They have mountings of various sorts such as the foot, flange and agitator
They are highly durable and possess a low maintenance cost
They offer highly efficient services & offer precise functionality

We Give Best Business Solution

It we caters to the needs of our clients by manufacturing, exporting and supplying the various equipment’s such as Planetary Gearboxes, Hydraulic Winch, Screw Jack, Bevel Drives, Worm Drives, and etc.

TypeWorm- Planetary
Foot / Flange
  • Hollow to suite Electric / Hydraulic Motor
  • Male Free Shaft (For Mounting Coupling, Pulley, Sprocket etc.)
  • B3 (Horizontal)
  • V5 (Vertically Downward)
  • V6 (Vertically Upward)
Efficiency58% per stage
Ambient Temp.40 Deg. C
Allowable Temperature Rise45 Deg. C above ambient temp.
Ratio RangeFrom 27:1 Upto customer requirement
Output Torque RangeFrom 12 Kg.m To 60,000 Kg.m
Input Power
From 0.16 Hp/0.12kW To 500 Hp/375kW
Max. Input Speed
1440 rpm (For Higher / Lower Speed Consult GPRO)
Paint Shade
  • STD : RAL Blue
  • SPL : Special color can be provided against specific customer requirement
Method of Cooling
  • STD : Splash Type Lubrication air cooled
  • SPL : Forced Cooling can be provided against specific customer requirement
  • For Model 501 Gearbox is filled with Grease
  • ISO VG 220/320 Synthetic Base Oil recomanded for other gearbox
  • STD : Gearbox supplied without oil
  • SPL : Gearbox supplied with oil against specific customer requirement
Standard AccessoriesFor Orientation V5 & V6 Oil Cup Assembly will be provided
Applicable Standards
AdvantageInput & Output are at right angle to each other hence occupies less length, Low noise
DisadvantageLow Efficiency (60% for Single Stage, 45-50% for multistage Gearbox)
ApplicationMaterial handling, Paper, Rubber, Food Industry, Automation, Textile