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We, the GPRO drive, offer you the finest Creep drives fabricated out of high-grade raw materials. The explicit range of these creep gear drives we offer find extensive use and demand owing to their strength, durability and supreme quality in the markets today. They are manufactured keeping the needs and demands of the customers strictly. These planetary creep drives are used in overhead cranes for the purpose of achieving micro speed. They usually work on the principles of planetary motion with a differential drive system along with thruster brakes.

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Salient Features

Features of these Creep Drive

Let us have a look at some of the product specifications and features of these  Creep Drive:

They possess a torque capacity of the range 50 Nm to 1000 Nm.
Their reduction ratio is usually 10:1. However, we can still provide you with different ratios on request.
They have the power rating of usually 0.37 kW to 15 kW
They are designed very compactly, and thus are space saving
Their mounting is of foot type
The diameters of their Brake drums are: 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
They have a good torque capacity and long service life.
They are designed compactly and accurately
They offer precision functioning

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  • Male Free Shaft (For Mounting Coupling, Pulley, Sprocket etc.)
  • B3 (Horizontal)
Ambient Temp.40 Deg. C
Allowable Temperature Rise
45 Deg. C above ambient temp.
Ratio Range10:1
Output Torque RangeFrom 21 Kg.m To 265 Kg.m
Input PowerFrom 0.5 Hp/0.37kW To 5 Hp/3.75kW
Max. Input Speed
1440 rpm (For Higher / Lower Speed Consult GPRO)
Paint Shade
  • STD : RAL Blue
  • SPL : Special color can be provided against specific customer requirement
Method of Cooling
  • STD : Splash Type Lubrication air cooled
  • SPL : Forced Cooling can be provided against specific customer requirement
  • ISO VG 220/320 Synthetic Base Oil
  • STD : Gearbox supplied without oil
  • SPL : Gearbox supplied with oil against specific customer requirement
Standard AccessoriesNil
Applicable StandardsAGAM , ISO, IS
ApplicationUsed in Overhead Crane Application