Hydraulic Winch in UAE

GPRO drives is the leading supplier of Hydraulic Winch worldwide. Established in 2007, today we have a 6000 sq. feet manufacturing unit. To meet the growing demands of our Winches. We also have 4000 sq. feet land under construction which will soon become working. Our winches are inbuilt with disk brake, manual clutch option and various others. Customers from UAE intensively demands the Hydraulic Winch manufactured by GRPO Drives.


Features of GRPO Drives Hydraulic Winches:

  • Robust design
  • Long functioning life
  • High capacity
  • Hassle free operation


Hydraulic Winches from GRPO Drives are used in various industries and fields like Steel Plants, Sugar Plants, Chemical & Pharmacy, Construction, Cement Plants, Machine Tool and Power Plant for the purpose of:

  • Hydraulic mobile cranes
  • Drilling rigs
  • Off shore cranes
  • Stackers
  • Material handling


All the Hydraulic Winches are ISO standardized and designed as per the DIN &AGMA. We are moving towards advanced and modern manufacturing systems and we have been continuously upgrading our products to adjust according the ever advancing industries. Winches manufactured by GRPO Drives are supplied and exported all around the world which includes Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Argentina with UAE being consistent and one of the highest demander.


Some of the specifications and features of GRPO Hydraulic Winches are:

  • The machine requires no other electrical power as the controls operate on the 12 volts DC drawn from the battery
  • They are further loaded with mechanical anchors
  • They are easy to install and operate
  • They possess a step less speed control
  • They possess a powerful display that shows load, speed and pulling length
  • Manufactured with Male Free Shaft, Hollow Shaft (to suite 63FS-250FS)
  • Designed to perform with the efficiency of 97% per stage

Also customized as per the customers demand