Electric Winch in UAE

Electric Winch is a Lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on a cable or rope winds. Electric Winch is specially designed for application where space is at a premium, these concept and lightweight lifting winches are ideally suited for installation on cranes, davits and derricks.



  • Highly reliable
  • Light weighed as well as durable
  • Precise functionality
  • Power saving
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Noise less working


GRPO Drives has been providing its customers with the best in class Electric Winches since 2007. Electrical Winches manufactured at GRPO Drives are supplied and exported to various parts of the world including Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Argentina among which UAE has been the largest consumer of GRPO Drives products.


Some of the specifications and features of GRPO Drives Electrical Winches are:

  • High impact case providing weather resistance and protection for internal components
  • Durable hook safety snap keeping the loads attached
  • Precision needle bearing used in high-load areas offering lower friction level and longer life
  • They are available in varies AC and DC models
  • ISO standardized and designed as per the DIN &AGMA.
  • They have their final drive gears made of heat treated carbon steel, which in turn provides optimum strength
  • They possess an emergency crank handle
  • They comprise of a superior stainless steel front plate providing high resistance to corrosion
  • They consist of a precision needle bearing for high load areas offering lower friction level and longer life

Heat treated sintered iron gears enhancing smoother operations.